Live at Home with Life Alert
Score a touchdown with a Life Alert pendant emergency help button.

You know her as the head cook, nurse, and under-the-bed-monster buster; she’s a woman who could stretch a dollar and make a feast out of pot luck ingredients.  She’s also the disciplinarian who always knew what you were up to whether you knew it or not.  Who is she?  Mom!

But she’s also a woman with needs. You may not want to think about that but it’s true.  She needs her friends, her community, her lifestyle and her home with all the wonderful things she has worked hard for.  More importantly, she needs her independence.

For Mother’s Day, you may be thinking of getting jewelry for this woman who knew your needs by feeding you gourmet meals that included tater tots and hotdogs; but forget the diamond necklace and show mom how much you understand her needs by getting her a Life Alert medical alert pendant.

Life Alert’s medical alert pendant provides mom with fast, emergency help, 24/7.  This important pendant is specifically designed to be lightweight and waterproof so she can wear it all the time, even in bed or in the shower where most accidents occur.

Plus, it’s very easy to use. During an emergency, all mom needs to do is push the button on her pendant and Life Alert’s two-way communication monitor allows dispatchers to talk with her without using the phone, and will summon help fast.  It’s that simple.  The Life Alert emergency dispatcher will also contact the family and stay on the line with mom until help arrives.  Knowing help is just a button push away will give the woman who changed your diapers the freedom to do what she wants without worrying.

But that’s not all!  Life Alert also offers great ways to promote safe living conditions within her home with the Life Alert Full Protection Package which includes Monitored Fire Protection and CO Gas Protection System. 

Standard fire alarms only make noise to warn of smoke, but Life Alert’s Monitored Fire Protection not only sounds an alarm upon detecting fire or smoke, it also sends a signal to our team of dispatchers, who then call the fire department.

Equally vital is Life Alert’s CO Gas Protection System.  Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, gas that can build up to dangerous levels in your home through hard laboring stoves, water heaters, furnaces, clothes dryers or fireplaces if not property vented, maintained, and operated. Like our fire protection, Life Alert’s CO Gas Protection System is monitored and will not only warn you of high levels of the poisonous gas, but will also send help any time of day or night if CO gas is detected.  Mom has always watched over you, now you can watch over her by getting her the Life Alert Full Protection Package.

We know that with all these features mom might get worried that you spent too much money on her.  But you can put her mind at ease by reassuring her that the basic service is less than a monthly cell phone bill.

You only have one mother, and there’s only one Life Alert.  Accept no imitators.  Life Alert is the industry leader in personal protection.  So this Mother’s Day, get mom the best medical alert system and show her how much you appreciate all that she has done for you.  And remember, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but Life Alert can save mom’s life.


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