Life Alert Emergency Response Customers
Life Alert monitoring service is invaluable when someone is injured, becomes ill or even just disoriented and confused. The trained dispatcher at Life Alert can provide instant information, reassurance, make contact with family members or neighbors, as well as dispatch emergency medical help.
Do Only People Who Live Alone Need Life Alert?

No, Life Alert is more commonly used among people who live alone, but there are many circumstances where they are beneficial to couples, families and others. Elderly couples in poor health, especially those who don't drive, can take advantage of Life Alert. Anyone who is alone part of the day and in poor health, recovering from surgery or has a high-risk medical condition could appreciate the security of having help with Life Alert.
Life Alert is also helpful for anyone with limited mobility, who might have difficulty reaching a phone in an emergency. Perhaps their biggest benefit is the peace of mind provided by knowing that help is always at hand. This is also true for family members who can be reassured that their elderly relative is never all alone.

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