Live at Home with Life Alert
Score a touchdown with a Life Alert pendant emergency help button.

Halloween is that time of year when little ghouls and goblins come to your door to scare you. But what is really frightening isn't the little monster asking for a treat but falling and not being able to get up. And lying on the floor like the blob, just out of reach of a phone, can have you feeling like Tippi Hedren trapped in a phone booth.

But with a Medical Alert system, your Nightmare on Elm Street can be turned into trick or treating in Mayberry. With one touch of a medical pendant, emergency dispatchers are there to help, 24/7, even if it's the witching hour; and will protect you against medical, fire, CO gas poisoning, and home intrusion emergencies.

But with alert systems being as varied as door-to-door candy, it may become a bit confusing on which company is best.  So here are some tips to help elders maintain their independence while shopping for the best medical alert system.

Can it be packaged? A personal alarm system that offers monitored CO gas poisoning and smoke detectors is as pivotal to independent living as Egyptian cotton is to a mummy.  When a monitored smoke detector goes off it sends a signal to emergency dispatchers in the event that the eerie, puffy, mass of fog suddenly materializing in front of you is something burning on the stove and not a ghostly vapor.

Moreover, it’s best to go with a personal protection company that also offers a special 911 phone so your protection can be mobile for when you find yourself suddenly staying at The Bates Motel.

Next, determine which medical alert has an outstanding quality of service by seeing if the medical emergency response company owns its emergency dispatch center. If so, do the employees who go through an extensive training program that includes learning about the medical alert industry, equipment training, and recognizing various emergencies?   Moreover, ask if they are trained to identify the emotional needs of the family and will supervise a crisis from the beginning to the end. Lastly, look to see if they have cutting edge technology that would make Doctor Frankenstein envious.  You will want a company that comes up with innovative ways to increase and improve on emergency technology so personal protection is easy and the company’s main focus remains on customer's safety.

With the right medical alert system, such as Life Alert, if something goes bump in the night, just press your emergency pendant and help will be sent faster than a witch melting after being dowsed with water.

So get yourself Life Alert protection and there will be no more fright nights (or days), just security in knowing that in an emergency, help is on the way, even if something scary is at your door and you can't reach a phone.

If Life Alert protection could enhance your quality of life, and later replace or delay going to a retirement facility, wouldn't you be interested in a FREE informational brochure? Call 1-800-247-0000.