Live at Home with Life Alert
Score a touchdown with a Life Alert pendant emergency help button.

It’s that time of year when the air has a certain alertness to it, pumpkins are everywhere and football is in season. Autumn holds a lot of fun activities, like playing a little touch football with your grandchildren; but what’s not fun is going down hard like a quarterback being sacked.

The colder the weather the more difficult it is to move around when older.  Our mobility and balance becomes compromised and down we go.  In our youth, we may have picked ourselves up, put a little ointment on a scrapped knee, and laughed it off as we went outside to kick a ball around after a tumble.  But as a senior citizen, a simple trip can become a life altering medical emergency, which has the elder lying on the floor – sometimes for days – until someone comes to help.  Worse yet, the longer help is delayed the more permanent damage can set in, even death.

With Life Alert, elders can live alone independently and feel safe knowing that with one touch of a button, emergency help is on the way without using a phone.  Life Alert’s patented 2-way communication monitor allows emergency help to be sent as fast as a football team’s Running Back speeding down the 50 yard line to make that winning touchdown.  Even if you can’t communicate with them (or catch a football), Life Alert will still send help.

Moreover, Life Alert can protect the home too.  All of us at some time or another have gotten distracted from cooking by what’s on TV, especially if there’s a good game on. But if an older person gets distracted when making dinner, it can become fatal quickly; soup boiling over on the stove can turn into a kitchen fire faster than a referee calling a penalty.  That’s why Life Alert’s Smoke Detectors are monitored at all times, and sends a signal to our dispatchers in the event that smoke is detected.  Then Life Alert contacts you while sending help fast, 24/7.

Personal protection that extends to the home is as important as a successful Hail Mary pass with one minute on the clock; and Life Alert can also help you take the offensive line to personal protection with Life Alert’s Home Intrusion Protection.  If someone tries to break in, intercept their home invasion game by pressing your help button.  Life Alert’s patented audio monitoring system will be activated, and our emergency dispatchers will fumble their foul attempts by notifying the police of a verified home invasion.

Another necessary line is freedom and independence. Freedom and Independent living for seniors is just as important as field position is for a team. Just ask any venerable loved one if he would like to age at home or move into a retirement community, most likely he’ll want to stay at home.  Or you can just read the survey taken by ACNielsen International Research, which resulted in 87% of Life Alert members saying that Life Alert's protection is a main or important factor in their decision to keep living at home rather than going to a retirement community. 

So this football season let Life Alert be your protective gear; and with one push of a button we can help you score that winning touch down to living alone in the safety zone.

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