Live at Home with Life Alert
Score a touchdown with a Life Alert pendant emergency help button.

The 11th month on the 11th day is reserved for remembering and honoring our Military Veterans who protect us, so don’t let them be caught at the 11th hour without help or protection.

Military Veterans fight hard for our freedom; therefore, they shouldn’t have to surrender theirs when reaching retirement age.  Help your venerable loved one plan a frontal assault against the four major imperial powers of ageing: falling, medical, fire, and home intrusion, with a medical alert system, from Life Alert.

In a home emergency, veterans can be ambushed with a sudden fall, seizure, heart attack, stroke or other serious illness, and may not be able to reach the telephone.  Worse yet, a fall can leave them lying on the floor for hours or days, disconnected from any help, and resulting in dire or even fatal consequences. But with one push of Life Alert’s lightweight help button can make a catastrophe go M.I.A. When activated, Life Alert’s patented 2-way communication monitor allows emergency help to be sent as fast as hungry soldiers running to a mess hall.

But that’s not all; Life Alert provides senior independence with five areas of protection so your elders, their home, and their lifestyle can be safe and protected.  For example, Life Alert’s monitored fire protection saves countless lives and homes from the devastation of fire by alerting the local fire department once smoke is detected.  Likewise, the CO Gas Protection will also sound its siren and alert the monitoring center when detecting dangerous CO Gas levels that aren’t noticeable to the human nose. 

Moreover, living alone can have even the bravest veteran feeling a little apprehensive in the event of an intruder break-in.  Arm your veteran against an enemy home invasion with Life Alert’s Home Intrusion Protection. When the help button on the pendant is pushed the Life Alert Security Dispatcher Center will call the police, and will warn the intruders that the authorities are on their way all the while staying on the line the whole time to be sure your loved one is safe.

However, Life Alert doesn’t just stop at protecting lives – it also protects wallets. Living alone can be costly, and Life Alert understands the need for protection at a reasonable price. Life Alert’s price protection agreement protects from hidden fees, and price hikes, as well as, bait and switch schemes that can occur without contracts; and Life Alert membership is less than basic cell phone fees.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, send in the Calvary now with Life Alert Protection and supply your veterans with the fire power of protection in the form of a little button.  With Life Alert, anyone whether it is veterans, the elderly, or those suffering from medical conditions can enjoy independent living and freedom.

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