Live at Home with Life Alert

Labor Day marks the end of summer and a time when you shouldn’t wear white (no one really remembers why).  But this national holiday is a bit more important than that; it honors the hard working laborers that helped build this great country.

The 5 things Life Alert has in common with Labor Day.

Labor Day is usually celebrated with mall shopping, barbeques, parties and parades; and since it falls on the first Monday in September it allows a three-day weekend to visit family.

But did you know that Life Alert, the industry leader in personal protection and medical emergency response, has some things in common with Labor Day?  It’s true!

For example:

  1. Labor Day honors the economic contributions of hard working individuals. 

Life Alert also honors all those who have labored to earn a safe and happy retirement. 

Retired people need not work hard to get help fast, Life Alert helps you enjoy your well deserved retirement by sending help fast in the event of a fall, fire, CO Gas poison, and home invasion emergencies. Having help at one’s fingertips allows you to live alone without ever being alone; and with Life Alert you never have to labor to get to a phone in the event of an emergency; simply press the lightweight, waterproof pendant and we do all the work for you.

After years of being on the job, it’s now time to put Life Alert’s medical alert system to work so you can unionize a safe and independent living.

  1. Labor Day wouldn’t be one of the great American holidays without cooking and eating. But where there is cooking – there is potential for fire danger.  Life Alert’s monitored fire protection system can literally mean the difference between life and death.  Standard fire alarms only make noise to warn of smoke; whereas, Life Alert’s monitored fire protection system not only alerts you upon detecting fire or smoke, it also sends a signal to a team of dispatchers who notify the local authorities. More importantly, the monitored system works whether you’re home or not. This kind of fast response can save the valuables you’ve worked hard for all of your life. 

Life Alert can get help fast if a fire breaks out in your home; however we can’t protect you from the fire in your tummy from eating Uncle Ralph’s homemade hot salsa nachos.

  1. Labor Day usually means a three day weekend and many people kick it off by getting caught up on chores before guests arrive.   Life Alert knows that using the stove or the washer/dryer to get that white linen ready to set out on the table (before it becomes taboo to wear white after Labor day) can mean a great deal of appliance use.  But did you know that Carbon Monoxide can build up to dangerous levels in your home when gas stoves, water heaters, furnaces, clothes dryers or fireplaces are not properly vented, operated or maintained.

Life Alert’s Monitored Carbon Gas Alarm will sound its siren to warn you when the odorless, colorless, CO gas is detected.  This could mean the difference between sleeping off Uncle Ralph’s nachos versus sleeping permanently.

  1. Labor Day, for many, is about being with family and that can include traveling to be with loved ones. That’s why Life Alert offer’s two options to their Protection on the Go service.

There’s the Life Alert Mobile Protection APP. This unique emergency app downloads onto your own cell phone. If you have an emergency while away from home or on the road, you simply press a number on your cell phone and you will be connected into Life Alert’s Monitoring Center where our dispatchers will communicate and stay on the line with you until you feel safe and send help fast at any time, if needed.

  1. Labor Day marks the Back-to-School season. Life Alert assists with going back to school with our Protection on the Go Mobile HELP cell phone.  Our special HELP cell phone allows the elderly to travel to computer training class at the library while knowing that help is still just a button push away.

Our simple to use HELP cell phone has a big, red, help button in case of an emergency on the road. So while en route to balance class at the local senior center or to the YMCA for water exercise lessons, Life Alert is still working to keep seniors safe with one push of a button.

In an emergency, you just press the Help button on the HELP phone and you will be connected into Life Alert’s Monitoring Center where our dispatchers will talk to you and send help fast, 24/7.

The HELP phone can be used anywhere where cellular phones operate and doesn’t require service fees or cell phone providers.  The best part is the batteries can last up to 10 years, much like Uncle Ralph’s salsa nachos.

So this Labor Day, whether you are hosting dinner at your house or driving somewhere else remain protected with Life Alert, the medical alert company that supports senior safety and independence whether at home or on the road. 

Life Alert wishes you and your family a safe and healthy Labor Day, just stay clear of Uncle Ralph’s homemade hot salsa nachos.

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