Super Protection for Super Sunday

When preparing for the Big Game, make sure you have this little item on your Super Sunday list.

You have the nachos, hot wings, chips and dip.  The refrigerator is full of all kinds of drinks, and you’ve decorated the house with your team’s colors.  You’re ready for the big game.  But you may have forgotten one important item…safety.

Sometimes a fumble can unexpectedly happen in your own living room, a simple fall can lead to suddenly being blitzed; and if help doesn’t arrive fast, permanent damage can set in, or worse, you could be lying there for days.  But this doesn’t have to be the end line for you.

Super Protection for Super Sunday

Don’t let your party plans be intercepted by a medical emergency, kickoff the game with Life Alert Protection. 

Life Alert Personal Protection tackles any home emergency ranging from medical, falls, fire and even home intrusion.  With its patented 2-way communication unit, a simple push of a button sends help faster than a snap count.   

It’s easy to set up too.  Just set the 2-way communication unit on a flat surface, plug it in, and then get on with watching the game.  If an emergency occurs, just press the button on the waterproof pendant or wrist band and Life Alert will kick into action.

In addition to helping you have a safe Super Sunday, as well as year-round independence, Life Alert provides protection for all homes and families.  Our monitored fire protection system can literally mean the difference between life and death.  Standard fire alarms only make noise to warn of smoke, whereas, Life Alert’s monitored fire protection system not only alerts you upon detecting fire or smoke, it also sends a signal to our team of dispatchers who notify the local authorities. This kind of fast response can save the valuables and football memorabilia you’ve worked hard for all of your life.

Life Alert also offers another great way to promote healthy living conditions with the Monitored CO Gas Protection System. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, gas that can build up to dangerous levels in your home through hard laboring stoves, water heaters, furnaces, clothes dryers or fireplaces if not property vented, maintained, and operated. Like our fire protection, Life Alert’s CO Gas Protection System is monitored and will not only warn you of high levels of the poisonous gas, but will also send help any time of day or night if CO gas is detected. 

Regardless of which team you’re routing for on Super Sunday; with Life Alert, anyone can live alone independently and feel safe knowing that with one touch of a button, emergency help is on the way.  So, get your line of scrimmage in place by getting personal protection with Life Alert.

To learn more about all of Life Alert’s protection packages for your home team, call 1-800-380-0768 for a FREE brochure.