Live at Home with Life Alert
Score a touchdown with a Life Alert pendant emergency help button.

The Olympics is a two week event showcasing the world’s most talented athletes; the fastest, the highest and the strongest all attend. But it doesn’t take just muscle and brawn; most sports require mental skill and strategy as well.  Yet the Olympics isn’t the only place where strength and planning is required; living alone can take a great deal of agility and balance to prevent accidents, and protecting ones self against home intrusion is just as important as a pole is for pole vaulting.

When you find yourself suddenly body-slammed to floor like an Olympic wrestler and not being able to get up well past the count of three you might need to bypass the brawn part and implement a strategy for living independently by getting Life Alert Protection. With one touch of a button our emergency dispatchers are ready to blow the whistle on falling and not being able to get up by getting you help, 24/7.

No need to go through the “12 labors of the Hercules” to set up our basic system.  Just set the specialized 2-way communication monitor onto a table, plug it into a landline and an electrical socket, then go about your daily routine.  If an emergency occurs, such as dislocating your elbow while weight lifting 326.284 pounds, simply press the emergency button on your pendant, that is worn around the neck or on your wrist, and our medical alert service will answer your call for help as fast as it took Jesse Owens to run the 400 meter relay in the 1935 Berlin Olympics.

Moreover, our pendant is so light and waterproof it wouldn’t even slow Michael Phelps down, and is safe to bathe with in case you find yourself accidently slipping and doing a high dive in the bathtub. 

It’s so easy to use too, just one push of the help button activates Life Alert’s emergency dispatch center so there’s no need to worry about reaching a phone, or the finish line before your time.
Moreover, our emergency service can be used to summon help for a home intrusion.  So if the noise you hear is someone breaking into your home and not someone breaking a new world record, simply press your button and help will be summoned anytime of day or night.

Just as there are various Olympic events to watch, Life Alert offers various personal protection services to help you win your freedom and independence.  Add a bronze package to your basic Life Alert service by including Life Alert’s monitored CO Gas poisoning protection. Smelling CO Gas can be just as deadly as a men’s locker room at Olympic Village, but unlike the locker room, CO Gas is odorless, colorless, and without warning can build up to dangerous levels in your home through gas stoves, water heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces.   Life Alert’s monitored CO Gas poisoning protection signals an alarm to emergency dispatchers when CO Gas levels get too high.  Whether you are home or not, Life Alert sends help any time so that you can avoid being knocked out like an Olympic boxer.

If you want to bring home the Silver, then include Life Alert’s monitored smoke detector as well.  It doesn’t take an Olympic torch to burn a house down, fire disasters can occur by simply forgetting something on the stove.  Once smoke and fire is detected, Life Alert’s monitored smoke detector sends a signal to our dispatchers who then notify the local authorities. This kind of fast help can save your home.

Best yet, to reach Life Alert’s gold package of full protection doesn’t require any hurdles to jump, you only need to include one other simple and portable item, the Life Alert special 911 phone.  The 911 phone allows your protection to be as mobile as you for when you find yourself doing summersaults on a trampoline without any spotters.  Simply press the big, red, help button on your Life Alert mobile 911 phone and emergency help will be summoned as swiftly as it takes a shuttlecock to go over a net.

Just as training is important to an athlete, training is just as important to Life Alert. The Emergency Dispatch Managers go through an extensive training program and spend up to one year learning about the medical alert industry, equipment training and recognizing various emergencies.  They are trained to identify the emotional needs of the family and know how to supervise a crisis from the beginning to the end.  Like an Olympian proving their worth, Life Alert has proven to save thousands of lives and part of that success comes from their outstanding quality of service, owning its emergency dispatch center and training personnel to handle any emergency.

Regardless of you opt for the basic, full or any variance of our protection services you will always come out a winner by getting help fast, 24/7, with a push of a button.  Although the 2012 Summer Olympics are over, you can still bring home the gold in medical alert systems with Life Alert Protection.


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