Make Life Alert Your New Year’s Resolution
As the old year blows out his last candle before shuffling away into faded memories - a new, bright year emerges full of optimism and energy to commit to changes.  Generally, the top three New Year resolutions consist of having more money, losing weight, and taking better care of one’s self.  Life Alert wants you to know that they can help you in obtaining and maintaining all three goals.

You may be wondering how can the #1 emergency response company in the country help you with getting more money?  Easy!  The inexpensive cost of a Life Alert medical alert system over a three year period doesn’t even add up to one month’s rent at a retirement community.  When you get a medical response system by Life Alert, you can continue to live independently in your own home, and by remaining in your own home - you’ve saved money!

Make Life Alert Your New Year’s Resolution.

Which leads us to how they can help you lose weight and stay in shape for the coming year.  Since Life Alert allows you to maintain living independently in your own home, the money you saved from not going into a retirement community can go towards a gym membership or even a private trainer and nutritionist to help you with your health goals.  In addition, you can go to Life Alert’s article page on their website to read up on all the latest health treads for anyone over 50.  Best of all, Life Alert offers Protection-on-the-Go services with their HELP cell phone.  So, if you’re jogging at the park to get back in shape and you fall, simply push the HELP button on the phone. You can be located by GPS and help with be sent.

Life Alert’s various protection packages are designed to help you take care of yourself, your family, and your home.  Their monitored Smoke Detector and monitored Carbon Monoxide detectors protect your home by sending a signal to the emergency dispatch center at the first sign of smoke or CO gas.  Life Alert dispatchers contact you and then send help fast, 24/7, whether you’re home or not.  This kind of time saving action during an emergency can literally mean the difference between life and death.

With Life Alert, you have a variety of home and personal safety packages that will have you taking better care of yourself.  So as you’re singing Auld Lang Syne this New Year’s Eve, commit to make the new year the best one yet by taking care of yourself with a Life Alert so you can continue living independently and protected in your own home all year round.

To learn more about the many protection services worth clinking your champagne glasses call 1-800-380-0768.