Live at Home with Life Alert
Score a touchdown with a Life Alert pendant emergency help button.
He’s the guy who taught you how to drive.  He’s the authority figure who disciplined you out of love. He’s the man of steel who always protected you; but now, he’s the elderly gentleman who gets a twinkle of pride in his eye every time he sees you.  He’s Dad. 

Although you don’t want to admit it but this once virile, superman, may need some help every now and then, and you worry even more when he’s home alone.  Forget the idea of mentioning a retirement home, you already know what Dad will say: “Heck no! I won’t go.”  He wants to stay in his home and in his neighborhood, where everything is familiar; but you want him to be safe.

That’s where Life Alert can help. Life Alert’s medical alert system can help senior citizens live safely and independently, but you’ll also receive something for yourself - peace of mind. 

The Life Alert Protection System doesn’t require any home or lifestyle change.  Just set the monitor on a flat surface, plug it in, and go on with life.  The system comes with a light-weight pendant that attaches to either a wristband or a neck cord. The pendant also has a special button to summon help in an emergency.

Life Alert’s two-way communication monitor allows dispatchers to communicate without using the phone, and if dad can’t respond back, then emergency help is sent immediately. It’s that simple.  The Life Alert emergency dispatcher will also contact the family, and stay on the line until help arrives. 

Moreover, Life Alert’s waterproof pendant is conveniently compact and small enough to be tucked into a shirt or covered by a long sleeve thus keeping it out of sight. This lightweight, waterproof pendant is comfortable and can be used in the shower and tub.  The bathroom is one of the main areas where the elderly are most vulnerable. Therefore, it’s imperative that an emergency response pendant be able to work where moisture, humidity, and heavy water flow occurs, so if a fall happens, help can be summoned quickly.

Unless dad needs 24-hour professional care, Life Alert is the best solution that provides him the independence he wants along with the ability to remain in his own home.  And the inexpensive cost is less than cell phone service.

Although you’re not going to stop worrying about dad, at least you’ll be able to rest a little knowing that if dad needs help he can get it fast, 24/7. Life Alert’s medical alert system gives the gift of protection to your elderly loved one while providing you with peace of mind.

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