Live at Home with Life Alert

After Labor Day, make a fashion statement by wearing this white little item.

If you were to search as to why people don’t wear white after Labor Day, you will find a cornucopia of reasons dating back to a 19th Century dress code that was supposedly established by the gilded age elite to separate themselves from those who didn’t know proper dress etiquette. Or you may discover it was a style invented by the fashion industry. Perhaps you’ll fall for the more reasonable explanation that dark colors retains heat better than lighter colors therefore to remain warm in the cold winter months one should avoid wearing white.

Regardless if any of these are true or not, it is guaranteed that you will never be out of personal protection style if you don Life Alert’s medical alert pendant. A stylishly pearl white button, Life Alert’s medical alert system is small, lightweight, and waterproof, so it can be easily tucked into a shirt as to be sight unseen for the fashion conscious. Yet, if an emergency arises, simply press your button and help will be sent fast, 24/7.

However, what is never out of fashion is the etiquette of being safe. With an array of protection packages offered by Life Alert, you may feel like you’re back in the Gilded Age. A bestselling featuring is the exclusive monitored fire protection system. Unlike standard fire alarms that only make noise to warn of smoke; Life Alert’s monitored fire protection system not only alerts you upon detecting fire or smoke, it also sends a signal to the emergency dispatch center who then notifies the local authorities. This kind of fast response can save your home and valuables you’ve worked hard for all of your life, as well as your life.

Another highlight is Life Alert’s Monitored CO Gas Protection System. Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless, gas that can build up to dangerous levels in your home through hard laboring stoves, water heaters, furnaces, clothes dryers or fireplaces if not property vented, maintained, and operated. Life Alert’s CO Gas Protection System is monitored and will warn you of high levels of the poisonous gas, but also will send help any time of day or night if CO gas is detected.

It doesn’t matter if you are one of the nouveau riche living in an opulent mansion or a populist residing on Main Street, USA, Life Alert Protection is so affordable that everybody can have one, and being safe is the best kind of fashion statement anyone can make.

Nevertheless, etiquette isn’t just reserved for one’s fashion or the home. According to the Emily Post Institute of Etiquette, being safe when driving is good protocol too. Nobel habits include wearing a seat belt, avoiding distractions, signaling your intentions and driving the speed limit. Emily Post probably would agree that having protection while on the go is a good practice. Life Alert can accommodate with their mobile HELP cell phone.

Life Alert’s HELP Phone has one easily-accessible button to push so that help can be sent fast, 24/7, in the event of an emergency while out and about. The HELP Phone has nationwide coverage, allowing the GPS to locate you anywhere in the United States where GSM cellular phones operate. In addition, the phone never needs charging; batteries last up to 10 years.

So now that it’s after Labor Day, make a fashion statement by wearing the pearl white emergency pendant that shows you are a trend setter. For those who prefer proper etiquette, Life Alert also has a NEW skin color emergency button. So, regardless if you choose white or skin colored, you will be seen as fashionably safe and independent.

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