Medical Information Brochure - Home Healthcare Medical Devices: A Checklist

Please use this checklist to use and maintain your medical device safely and effectively in your home.

As a homecare medical device user, you should know how your device works.

Take care of your device and operate it according to the manufacturer's directions.

Always have a back-up plan and supplies.

Educate your family and caregivers about your devices.

Keep children and pets away from your medical device.

Contact your doctor and home healthcare team often to review your health condition.

Report any serious injuries, deaths, or close calls.

Endorsing Organizations

American Association for Home Care:
National Association for Home Care:
National Patient Safety Foundation:

Resource Organizations

National Family Caregivers Association:

A medical device is any product or equipment used to diagnose a disease or other conditions, to cure, to treat or to prevent disease. The Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health regulates medical devices to provide reasonable assurance of their safety and effectiveness.

A home healthcare medical device is any product or equipment used in the home environment by persons who are ill or have disabilities. These persons, or their providers of care, may need education, training, or other healthcare-related services to use and maintain their devices safely and effectively in their homes or in other places such as work, school, and church. Examples of some home healthcare devices are ventilators and nebulizers (to help breathing); wheelchairs; infusion pumps; blood glucose meters, apnea monitors, and other home monitoring devices.

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